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WCRI annual conference — November 16-17, 2011

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Workers' Comp professionals might be interested in the Workers' Compensation Research Institute's (WCRI) November 2011 conference in Boston.  The conference will address a variety of worthwhile and timely comp issues such [...]

Fastcase — just in case

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With apps now taking over our social lives, there's no reason they shouldn't nudge into our work lives and perhaps put us closer to the top of all of our [...]

Blackberries and iPads and laptops, oh my!

By |2011-07-22T12:33:35+00:00July 22nd, 2011| recently posted a timely story on mobile device usage and its creation of a modernized work-injury quandary.  From the article:  "Employers who supply their employees with company cell phones, [...]

McCreary school board awards insurance bid to KSBIT

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The McCreary County Record reports that the McCreary County Board of Education recently awarded its insurance contract for property and workers' compensation coverage to the Kentucky School Board Insurance Trust (KSBIT), previously administered by the Kentucky School [...]