ALJ Appointments and Re-Appointments

The Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims reports the reappointment of ALJ Overfield and ALJ Coleman for terms to expire December 31, 2013.  Additionally, the Nominating Commission has made three recommendations each for two additional ALJ posts with terms also expiring December 31, 2013.  The recommendations are:  Tyra L. Redus, Effie Layne Stidham, Robert L. Swisher, Michael W. Alvey, Jeanie Owen Miller, and Tram Runnels.

Redus is a former U’Sellis & Kitchen attorney and was admitted to the Kentucky Bar in July of 2004.  Stidham was previously an attorney with Morgan, Bailey & Collins.  She is presently in solo practice in Wooten, Kentucky. Swisher is a partner with the Northern Kentucky firm of Jones, Dietz & Swisher.  Alvey and Miller are Owensboro attorneys.  Runnels is a Western Kentucky attorney who was previously recommended by the Nominating Commission to fill a vacant ALJ post in June of 2008.

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