Eric C. Conn pleads guilty

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From  Eric C. Conn, a well-known Eastern Kentucky disability attorney, recently plead guilty to a campaign-finance violation, a misdemeanor. According to the Lexington-Herald Leader, Conn pleaded guilty on Sept. 5 to a misdemeanor charge of attempting to give money to another person to give to a candidate on his behalf. The charge indicated the donation was intended for a candidate for the Kentucky Supreme Court. That candidate , according to the article, was not identified in Conn’s plea, although state campaign finance records show Conn contributed $1,000 in his own name to Justice Will T. Scott’s re-election effort in February 2012. The campaign has since returned the money. As a sentence, Conn received 12 months in jail, conditionally discharged for two years, and agreed to pay $5,600 to the Kentucky Attorney General ‘s office to cover its cost of investigating the case.


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