Fastcase — just in case

With apps now taking over our social lives, there’s no reason they shouldn’t nudge into our work lives and perhaps put us closer to the top of all of our games.  Lawyers can certainly do this with the fastcase® app for iPhone or iPad. 

Ever been sitting at a hearing and opposing counsel references a case in support of a stance, and you’re not positive but you are pretty sure the case doesn’t say exactly what he claims?  Get out your iPhone and check it out first-hand with fastcase®. 

Need a case to counter opposing counsel’s argument?  Get fastcase®. 

Need a specific stautory site or regulatory provision to quote to a judge?  Get fastcase®.

Fastcase boasts it is “the largest free law library on the iPhone [also available for iPad] and it uses smart search technology from Fastcase’s fully-featured Web-based legal research application, which allows you to sort the most relevant results to the top of the list, customize and re-sort search results, and integrate citation analysis tools right into the results list.”  Although free, users must register with the app so they can save favorite cases, statutes or regs and commonly used search histories.

Download the app here.

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