Kentucky DWC taking applications for new ALJ

The DWC announced on August 5, 2009, it will be taking applications for a new ALJ position.  Details are:

The Workers Compensation Nominating Commission is now accepting resumes for positions as Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for the Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims.  These are full-time positions and appointees shall not hold any other public office or maintain any private practice. 

Applicants for Administrative Law Judge positions must be licensed attorneys and must have five (5) years experience in the Commonwealth in the practice of workers’ compensation law or a related field and extensive knowledge of workers compensation law [KRS 342.230(3)].  The salary to be paid is that of a Circuit Court Judge. 

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED ON OR BEFORE noon (EDT) Tuesday, August 18, 2008.  Interested parties are required to send one original resume and seven copies, along with a cover letter containing an e-mail address, to the attention of Brenda Majcher, Nominating Commission Clerk, Department of Workers’ Claims, Prevention Park, 657 Chamberlin Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky  40601.  Questions may be directed to Mrs. Majcher at (502) 564-5550.

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