Ky. DWC new online records search: Everything new is old again

old officeThe Kentucky DWC, after a bit of a delay (15 years, perhaps?), finally has its online records search up and running. We at OUCH! originally thought the records system would allow for actual online viewing of the records. Uhhhhh, no. The new system is really nothing more than a glorification of the original fax-a-request that has long been the procedure for obtaining claims information from the DWC. In fact, it is probably not much slower and it is certainly less of a hassle to fax a request and receive the invoice, write a check and then receive the documents. The whole process requires two tasks on the part of the requester and takes approximately 3-4 days even with snail mail delivery of the documents.

With the so-called new and improved online method, one has to first sign up for an account (and remember to make a note of the username and password), make the request, wait for the request to be processed, receive an e-mail saying the request is being processed, wait to receive an invoice via e-mail, go back to the website to pay the invoice (with credit card only) and then wait to receive a link via e-mail to the records. The DWC estimates a 4-5 day turnaround for all of this.

When your records are available, they arrive via a link to a .zip file and are merely unlabeled individual .pdf files, so one has to click on each document to see what it is. To look easily at the documents at once, it is necessary to combine the documents into one .pdf file, and that requires software that can perform such a task.

We will just stick with the old method. Good try, DWC, but no thanks.

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