Mediation is always a preferable alternative to litigation.

Litigation is costly, both emotionally and economically. Mediation is based on compromise, and a good mediator knows how to facilitate, not force, compromise. A good mediator is neutral and impartial and allows the parties to own their agreement. A good mediator abides by all ethical rules and obligations and instills confidence in the parties that the mediated agreement is a just resolution of the dispute.

Marcus A. Roland is a trained mediator certified by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and a member of the AOC’s official roster of registered mediators. Contact him about his alternative dispute resolution services for your next mediation.

“Marcus was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt in addressing and answering any concerns or questions that arose during this process. I would highly recommend using him for any legal issue or case involving worker’s comp.”



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