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Roland Niemi’s blog will go slightly off-topic for today’s post to tell you about a family in need.

Kathryn Keller, an adjuster with Gallagher Bassett in Louisville, Kentucky recently learned that her 13 year old son, Jamie, had been diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma

Jamie is currently in the cancer unit at UK Hospital in Lexington Kentucky. Kathryn is a single mother with a younger son, and has been driving daily between her home in Liberty, Kentucky, the hospital and her office.  

To help assist with the increasing costs facing Kathryn and her family, a benefit fund has been set up at National City Bank. Donations can be mailed or taken to any National City Bank in the United States and can be made payable to Kathryn Keller c/o James Kuhn. Any donation amount will be appreciated. 

In an e-mail Kathryn told  us, “I think all parents should be aware of this disease.  Although it is rare it can happen.  If we had waited another 24 hrs of taking Jamie to the doctor, we would not be talking about his treatment, future treatment or his future at all.  I pray that no other parent or family would have to go through what my family has gone through the past couple of weeks.”

Please feel free to forward or link to this post.  Above all, keep Kathryn and her family in your prayers.

For those unfamiliar with Burkitt Lymphoma, the disease is named after Dr. Denis Burkitt who first described it in 1955.  The symptoms of Burkitt Lymphoma, also known as B-cell lymphoma, High-grade B-cell lymphoma, and Small non-cleaved cell lymphoma, most commonly involve swelling of the lymph nodes.  While the swollen lymph nodes can often be painless, they can have a rapid growth rate.  Treatment involves intensive chemotherapy that in more than 50% of cases can result in a cure of the disease.

For more information on Burkitt Lymphoma, visit these sites:


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