Stivers, Barber and Martin to be considered for WCB appointment

The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Nominating Commission has recommended Franklin A.  Stivers, David A. Barber, and James R.  Martin for appointment to the Kentucky Worker’s Compensation  Board (WCB).  Stivers presently holds the position to expire in 2011.  Barber is a former Workers’ Compensation ALJ and Court of Appeals Judge.  Martin is a workers’ compensation defense attorney.

The Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Board is the initial step of appellate review in the Kentucky workers’ compensation system.  The WCB consists of three members, each of whom is appointed to four-year terms by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the state Senate.  Board members must possess the same qualifications as a Court of Appeals Judges.  They also earn the same  pay as a Court of Appeals Judge.

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