You can dance if you want to . . . but you won’t get your workers’ comp if you’re a stripper and you get shot at work

From  This is a rather bizarre tale of an exotic dancer who was shot when a fight broke out at a South Carolina strip club called the Boom Boom Room, where she was dancing in 2008. The entertainer, who estimated her yearly earnings at over $82,000 per year,  filed a claim for workers’ compensation benefits as a result of the incident, arguing, in pertinent part, that the extensive scarring from her gunshot wound left her unemployable as an exotic dancer. Her claim was  denied under the theory she was an independent contractor and not an actual employee of the strip club. The stripper argued that indeed there was an employer/employee relationship because the club furnished her a stage, poles and private rooms for VIP dances, as well as cleaning solution, towels and a basket to collect tips. The appellate court was particularly influenced by evidence that the stripper had not been specifically invited by the Boom Boom Room to dance on the night she was shot and, thus, could have left whenever she pleased. She was also not paid any additional money to work that particular night, only receiving tips.

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